Library Procedures

*The library is open from 7:20 – 3:20 daily.  Students arriving early to school may report to the cafeteria for a library pass.  Students are allowed to check in/out books and take AR tests in the library before school.

*Each class visits the library once a week for a 45 minute time period.

 *Students are also allowed to visit the library for check in/out and AR testing during Bulldog Time each morning, 8:00 – 8:45.

*Students may check out one library book at a time.  Once a student earns 10 AR points, he/she may check out two library books.

*If you think your child has lost a library book, please ask him/her to see Mrs. Whittemore.  Maybe the book has been found in the school building and returned!

*If a student has lost a library book, the book must be returned or paid for before any other books may be checked out.

*No refunds are given for books.  So be sure and look for the book before you pay for it!

*At the end of the school year, all lost books must be paid for in order to receive a report card and schedule for the next school year.