10 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

1.  Model reading.  Children who see their parents read usually become readers themselves.

2.  Read to your child.  Children are never too old to be read to and they love the time you are spending with them.  Also, encourage older brothers and sisters to read to younger siblings.

3.  Establish a place in your child’s room for his or her books.  This will develop a sense of ownership in your child.

4.  Schedule regular family visits to the local public library, even if your child doesn’t show an interest in checking out a book.

5.  Introduce your child to the librarian at the public library.  Public librarians are always there to help your child find a book.

6.  If your child starts a book and doesn’t want to finish it—that’s OK.  We’ve all done that!

7.  If your child decides to read to YOU—be patient and allow them to finish, even if it takes a while.  And then praise them!

8.  Establish a cozy, comfortable place in your home for you and your child to read.

9.  A book or a book store gift card makes a great gift for your child.

10.  And most important of all, turn OFF that TV/cell phone/ipod and enjoy spending time with your child!